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New YouTube Subnetwork Policy

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016 06:53PM HKT
The latest changes in YouTube's policy regarding subnetworks have had a major impact in all networks on YouTube. This global policy states that subnetworks are not allowed because, among other situations, they are granted access to sensitive tools and they can cause confusion to the creator. For YouTube's official position and the full details please click here.

For you, our Freedom! partner, this update and the changes that go along with it, have absolutely no impact on your partnership with Freedom! even if you have joined Freedom! through a subnetwork. This means that you continue to be a Freedom! partner, your earnings and payments are processed as usual, and you still have access to all of our great tools and services that help you grow.

Of course, you can still use your referral link, but please do not use your referral link to actively recruit channels for sales purposes. As an example, you can post your referral link in the description of your videos, but you cannot approach a channel for the purpose of applying to a Freedom! partnership using your referral link.

Recruitment is only allowed for trained Freedom! Talent Acquisition staff. Usage of referral links by anyone else in any recruiting campaigns in not permitted and if we catch this, the link will be immediately deactivated as these campaigns would be considered spam by YouTube. If you want to recruit for Freedom!, please apply here and we will be happy to review your application.

If you still have any concerns about this, feel free to reach out to us by opening a ticket on support.
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